Maxtronix, Inc. has been servicing the Philippine Electronics industry since 1992. We offer our customers modern and class leading equipments for:

- Semicon

- Consumables

- Photovoltaic
- Others

Maxtronix commits to continue its search for the latest technology in order to serve its customers, not only with the best products but also with excellent after-sales-service support and technical guidance that will surely meet our clientele’s requirements.

SEMES Semhawk Saw & Sorter
Applicable for FBGA, CSP, MCP, FLIP CHIP, QFN Packages
RX-7 Ultra High-speed Placer
- 2 Multi-nozzle rotary geads (16 nozzles each)
- 75,000 cph laser centering

Delta X

- Heavy duty titanium fingers
- Titanium main wave

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